Lily Allen – Sheezus

Gets lost down its own self-ironic rabbit-hole...

There’s little denying that Lily Allen has been one of the most singular figures in pop music since emerging in the mid-’00s, often providing a vital counterbalance to the hubristic tedium of her daytime radio neighbours.

It’s unfortunate, then, that her third album, ‘Sheezus’, often gets lost down its own self-ironic rabbit-hole, the product of Allen over-straining to reestablish herself as a distinct voice rather than the magnetic lyricist that sparkled prior to her “retirement” four years ago.

As The Streets discovered, writing about everyday real life becomes a challenge three albums in. While it has it moments, ‘Sheezus’ (title track, below) is largely devoid of Allen’s pragmatic charm of 10 years ago.


Words: Jack Scourfield

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