A crisp collection of sombre tales...
Infinite Light

This Canadian duo’s second album is another crisp collection of sombre tales of love hidden within the darkness of every day life.

The downbeat piano and rich classical arrangements are met with a fierce determination by Amber Webber's tender yet confrontational voice, one that gives this album a theatrical feel, and the result’s enough to get you through even the bleakest night of the soul before emerging with hope just in time for the morning sunrise.

‘Infinite Light’ is the sound of that final, goodbye kiss. It's the record to play when you find yourself spending the early hours with nothing but a bottle of whiskey and a broken heart, wondering how you will make it through. But don't worry: its swooping, romantic strings and tragic piano lullabies will keep you going.

“We were wrong to think nothing’s gone wrong... but how come I can't leave you alone?” weeps Webber on ‘Wondering What Everyone Knows’, and at times it’s almost too much to take for even the most hardened listeners. But the song arrangements here are enough to move you to tears, and the glimmer of hope shining through the black saves it from being simply an album to put aside until your heart is broken.

‘Infinite Light’ is a rewarding album that, unlike material from the pair’s ‘day job’ of Black Mountain, has a timeless appeal. You might not want to play it on your wedding day, but it's something worth visiting through the good times, and bad.


Words: Stephen Maughan

Lightning Dust – ‘I Knew’ (live)


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