With headliners The Killers

Word has it that Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong recently ditched their debut album because "it didn't represent their current sound".

Going by the five-piece's turgid performance in Leeds it'd be better if it never saw the light of day at all. Swanning around in a frilly white top like some Olympic ice skater, Joe Lean is not only the most irritating frontman at Leeds he is also the most uncharismatic. Sure his band can play and undoubtedly he can sing but their songs lack any real depth and he says little to stir the huge crowd throughout their dull 30 minute set.

The same goes for Santogold. The only difference is she does have the songs and the stage presence to pull in a crowd. It's just a shame she didn't turn up today. Unlike her Glastonbury debut on the Park Stage where she oozed charisma and charm, at Leeds she sounds like she's just going through the motions.

Initially it looks like The Ting Tings are about to do the same when they arrive onstage and crack out a flat rendition of 'We Walk'. Fortunately the Manchester DIY pop duo crank it up a gear for the likes of 'Great DJ', 'Shut Up And Let Me Go' and their (Hey) Mickey-esque Number One hit 'That's Not My Name'.

In six months the Manchester duo have been catapulted from indie hopefuls to IPod chart stars and virtually every pop fan on earth is here to see them this afternoon. Hell even curious mums and dads have wheeled their kids in to check out their three minute ring tones.

Over on the main stage a comedy duo of the We Are Scientists kind are causing the audience to roll around in fits of laughter as Keith and Chris inform their fans that "85% of bottles of piss thrown at festivals usually end up in the thrower's mouth". Although sound problems hamper the early part of their set, they soon come good when they throw out the likes of 80s pop ditty 'Lethal Enforcer' and their feel good hit of the summer 'After Hours'.

"We know you're pretty tired after Rage and it being the last night and all but who fucking wants it?," smiles a fresh faced Kele Okereke. "I want it that's for sure." He ain't lying either as Bloc Party make their UK return in blistering style. Back to promote their rush-released third album 'Intimacy', today they debut two new tracks, the difficult 'Mercury' and the bombastic 'One Month Off'. But it's the songs off 'Silent Alarm' that sound sweeter than ever as the four-piece roll through the brilliant 'Banquet', the soothing sound of 'So Here We Are' and the thunderous 'Helicopter'. "Next time we see you hopefully we'll be headlining this festival," smirks a triumphant Kele as he saunters offstage. If this is the shape of things to come, Bloc Party may well be leading the pack in 2009.

For now they're gonna have to make do with second on the bill though as The Killers make their third coming with stadium slaying belters like 'Mr Brightside', 'Somebody Told Me' and 'All These Things That I've Done'. Despite being away for over a year Brandon Flowers ain't lost any of his pomp or glamour as he struts onstage clean shaven in a sparkling turquoise jacket.

As always his band put on a show which sees pretty much the whole of the festival singing in unison for the next 90 minutes.

On this form they'll undoubtedly shift a zillion records when their third album finally drops in the autumn.

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