Quirky disco basslines, frenetic funk riffing

If James Murphy isn’t running DFA Records, forging the delicate reputations of underground bands or remixing the records of other global legends, he’s writing or performing as LCD Soundsystem.

His second LP ‘Sound Of Silver’ features (as expected) eleven tracks of stripped-back and sexed-up post-punk floor fillers for 21st Century geeks and freaks.

The shape of the LP quickly imposes itself on the listener with the more classically LCD toned ‘Time To Get Away’ followed quickly by the lead single ‘North American Scum’ before the sunny disposition of ‘All My Friends’ makes a case for the stand-out track.

Perhaps, however, the music destined to match up to previous canonical moments of LCD would be ‘Us V Them’ - drunkenly staking its claim down at the front. Quirky disco basslines, frenetic funk riffing, vocals relentlessly bubbling under and the timbale sounds of New York elevating the song to yet another plane whilst Murphy desperately chants “over and over again” in a caustically hypnotic loop. Glancing and surfing along on his near trademarked dirty disco-punk grooves, Murphy has again trodden a fine line between loose yet clever production, compelling lyrics and a dexterous collection of songs, which will be resonating from many a party for years to come.

He straddles genres, ticks boxes and references a rich past yet proudly leads this consortium of sound into a new space which is very much marked out as LCD’s own backyard.

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