An enigmatic force returns with a display of restless experimentalism...
'Dust' artwork

Laurel Halo is an enigmatic force. Since 2012, she has released two albums combining the synth-tinged bass weight of early Detroit techno, modernist asceticism, and choral ambience in her productions.

‘Dust’, Halo’s latest, is an exploration of her own voice. Collaging lyrics, words splice over the pop-influenced ‘Sun To Solar’ and the excellent rhythms of ‘Moontalk’. Alternatively, on ‘Arschkriecher’ and ‘Who Won?’, the voice is raw and breathy, accompanying jazz licks of saxophone.

‘Dust’ is divisive and at times challenging. Yet, in Halo’s restless experimentalism we find moments of unexpected beauty.


Words: Ammar Kalia

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