Deranged and balefully bleak…
Laurel Halo - Chance Of Rain

Laurel Halo’s evolution as producer has grown from her improvisations with hardware as a live performer and persistent genre experimentation, resulting in music of constant flux.

The disengaged vocals, which peppered her last release, are gone. Instead, the stark sinister energies of Detroit and Berlin techno are channelled into vigorous voids, intentionally devoid of warmth.

Amidst the austerity there are grooves and danceable tunes such as the title-track (below) and ‘Melt’, which has a beautiful breathy woodwind up front, skipping over a clattering, metallic base.

‘Chance Of Rain’ an album of dichotomies, both cerebral and heartfelt and as concerned with melody as it is system manipulation. Deranged and balefully bleak.


Words: Anna Wilson

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Listen to ‘Chance Of Rain’ in full via Deezer, below…


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