Larry June & The Alchemist – The Great Escape 

A terrific crossover moment...

Kicking off the run to this album with a cryptic announcement via the music video for ’60 Days’, from then that fans new to expect something extraordinary from new age rap favourite, Larry June and legendary producer The Alchemist

‘Turkish Cotton’ setting the tone for the album, chilled in true Larry June fashion. It speaks to a higher standard of a life. Despite the subtle flex, the context of this track is quite motivational, something he contrasts well throughout the album. 

Features from Action Bronson, Big Sean and Ty Dolla $ign are next up; ‘Solid Plan’ an 80s movies-esque track, The Alchemist layers this beat with striking nostalgic strums and tinkling tones. The ‘Palisades’ a wealthier neighbourhood in California, June & Sean lay down self-affirming but boastful lyricism. The track fades out with a soundbite, then Lost Son’s ‘Summer Rain’ sampled to carry us into the next song seamlessly. Ty’s vocals hazey but shining through on the hook of ‘Summer Reign’ for a refreshing offering. 

Slick rolling bars and low toned melody on the hook characterise ‘Orange Village’, T3 and Young RJ additions do not disappoint. Another clever song title, combining Larry’s signature orange and village, it also a location in San Fran.   

‘Porsches In Spanish’ featuring a cool spaced-out flow, soulful vocal infused production. Alch pulling snippets from Crosstown Express’ ‘Let Me Try’

Boldy James signature flair an appreciated feat on ‘Art Talk’, ‘Ocean Sounds’ breezily follows on from it, a self-love themed drop. Evidence another HipHop OG, one half of Step Brothers with The Alchemist, the album not only sonically powerful but especially to relevant to LA’s hip hop culture. Collaborative tracks with Wiz Khalifa and previous collaborator Jay Worthy ooze chemistry. 

’60 Days’ a standout, the chilled-out jam seeing The Alchemist deliver rare bars. 

‘Margies Candy House’ an honest instalment that sees June touch on more sombre topics like growing up, losing his grandma. The penultimate track before the album closes out with ‘Barragan Lighting’ alongside Joey Bada$$, it literally winding down like an old tape or reel for a classic end to an impressive record.

GRAMMY-winner talent The Alchemist didn’t not disappoint, the tracks skilfully developed from top to bottom. Top shelf sampling, cool laid-back tunes and prodigious lyricism illustrate this project. It is embodying the ever-present California rap scene and bridging generations of hip-hop together. 


Words: Shanté Collier-McDermott

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