Swaying from endangered to upbeat, over a corkscrew of digital quicksand
Lapalux - Nostalchic

A consolidation of glitch, post-dubstep blues, timelapsed R&B and hip-hop fragments, crystalised and crushed with the swing of a rickety rope bridge that has Lapalux swaying from endangered to upbeat,  over a corkscrew of digital quicksand. Stuart Howard’s sucking-in of wraithlike matter elegantly confuses with a messily intricate interpretation of maximalist values. Able to invigorate (‘Swallowing Smoke’) with the force of a power shower, he favours slowing your roll and fuggily upsetting your balance. Prone to playing one too many familiar games - the compressed vocals and the clunky convergence of beats ducking down - though as the sole Brit on Brainfeeder, you can’t knock him for being a team player.




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