Lapalux – Amnioverse

An artist not only with their finger on the zeitgeist, but moving slightly ahead of it...

Lapalux has always felt ahead of the curve.

The Essex producer’s early releases, ‘Forest’, ‘Many Faces Out of Focus EP’ and ‘When You’re Gone EP’ showed someone with not just their finger on the zeitgeist, but actually being slightly in front of it.

After his debut album ‘Nostalchic’ on Brainfeeder – good, but with parts that felt flat – and more equally good singles, he released his finest moment to date: the seven minute ‘Movement I, II & III’. It felt like he’d found that form and would become unstoppable. But there are some artists who – despite being brilliant – can’t quite make albums that fully hang together. Awesome singles and EPs are followed by albums that leave you with an ever-so-slightly unsatisfied feeling.

Arguably one of these artists is Lapalux, although his fourth album ‘Amnioverse’ is his most enjoyable full-length project to date. At 46 minutes this isn’t a long album by contemporary standards, but there are moments when it seems to feel much longer. ‘Earth’ is a decent track, moving at fair clip, but its five minutes could easily be pared down a bit. And this is the main issue here: almost every song could do with some trimming, or tightening up. It feels like Lapalux is too intent on making everything sound as amazing as he can, that he’s forgotten a few important steps. 

There is a fantastic album in here though, and when it works ‘Amnioverse’ is great. ‘Oblvion’ is the standout track with its sci-fi bleeps and gossamer synths, but at times it can be a bit of a slog to make it through the songs. Lapalux has a great touch, but a bit of attention on the parts of the project that feel slightly off could bring out all the fantastic in this record.


Words: Nick Roseblade

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