Lady Gaga’s ‘Hold My Hand’ Is A Triumph Of Bombast

It's her Top Gun soundtracking blaster...

Lady Gaga has astonishing breadth.

The star's dazzling 2020 collection 'Chromatica' was a bold dose of future-facing pop music, an exhilarating, rule-breaking experience.

Following this, she shared a re-tool, re-vamped remix selection, before indulging her jazz passion alongside all-time-great Tony Bennett.

When not picking up awards for her acting, Lady Gaga has also been involved in another cinematic project: she's sculpted the main theme for Top Gun: Maverick.

The long-awaited follow up to the 80s original, she's teased her involvement online, even sharing a pic of her chatting backstage with Top Gun star Tom Cruise.

A song she has seemingly been working on for years, 'Hold My Hand' is a triumph of bombast, a true 80s torch song that matches the heft of Berlin's 'Take My Breath Away'.

At heart it's a soul song, one that finds Lady Gaga cutting loose as a vocalist, while dipping into the stadium-filling spirit of the original film's soundtrack.

Now online in full, you can check out 'Hold My Hand' below.

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