A solid, melody packed debut from The View's frontman...
'No Thank You'

Forming from a heady fog of melody and mayhem on their Dryburgh estate, The View's debut 'Hats Off For The Buskers' was a thing which has become increasingly less common; a debut made famous by genuine word-of-mouth championing.

Packed with attitude and abundant with melody, it marked out Kyle Falconer as a true talent amid the chaos, and a prolific songwriting talent. It's no surprise then that his long-awaited debut is packed with rich, uplifting songs.

Lyrically more positive as a whole, Falconer has grown to address bigger themes such as faith and addiction throughout 'No Thank You'. From the George Harrison-esque highlight 'Avalanche', (strings provided lovingly by the Rogue Orchestra) it finds him more emotive musically and lyrically, even if "Lamposts are attractions/doors are falling off".

The gorgeously pop-flecked 'Japanese Girl' sounds like a gentler, more considered cousin of 2009's 'Shock Horror', again packing the songwriting prowess to keep you going back, whilst the country-tinged 'Last Bus Home' sounds remeniscent of 90s legend Evan Danodo's finest moments.

Perhaps more in tune production-wise to their 2012 album 'Cheeky For a reason' than their early, gloriously Libs-lite albums; 'Lilly Anne' is classic, Eagles-tinged pop purity, and single 'Family Tree' most probably finds him reflecting on his time spent in rehab in Thailand.

A solid debut for any songwriter, let alone one who has already penned so many indie classics. If this debut is anything to go by, Falconer seems poised for a prolific career.


Words: Clarke Geddes

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