...mightily self-assured debut LP

Warp have just picked up Independent Label of the Year at the AIM awards, and well deserved, too - as Kwes' debut full-length proves.

Taking pleasure in the observations of daily life, ‘ilp’ comes bathed in highly saturated colours and rich textures, with found sound recordings of conversations on the DLR, swans fighting and a mug being smacked onto its coaster.

The Lewisham-born producer offers up the record as a dedication to his grandparents - “I love you both,” he croons on ‘36’, and the LP deals with matters close to the heart - love lost, at a tender young age (‘rollerblades’).

For someone so ‘Bashful’, his record is mightily self-assured.


Words: Felicity Martin

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Kwes talks about his musical craft...

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