Fusing the 20th and 22nd centuries
Kreidler - Mosaik 2014

Kreidler have been putting out their own brand of minimalist electronica since 1994, ‘Mosaik 2014’ being their eighth album.

Kreidler achieve their subtle organic textures by basing their electronic work on sounds made from live instruments; the resulting effect being like a mossy culture multiplying on a bed of wires and computer chips. The band members speak of wishing to fuse the twentieth and twenty-second centuries, skipping out our current age altogether.

While this may seem nonsensical to some, perhaps precious to others, there’s definitely something to be said for this petrolpunk aesthetic that fuses IDM, industrial, African rhythms, Kafka, Godard and Giger with something altogether more futuristic than the sum of its parts.


Words by Charlie Frame

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