Where can you possible go wrong

Koop and Jazzanova, where can you possible go wrong. Jazzanova- a group which arguably done more for leftfield than anyone else in the industry (at least this side of the millennium) and Koop, whose last album Koop Islands has caused quite a stir including one major licensing deal.

The night has had great exceptions then and it only came all too short of them...
The Jazz Cafe, a venue known for its spacious interior could have tried a little less hard at the door, stopping the excess 100 people which surely have enhanced the enjoyment of the people who did make it in.
That said, KOOP performed beautifully. The original duo has put together a full band of drums, bass and keys who all had great chemistry and mixture of sounds. The band was beautifully orchestrated though refreshingly spontaneous. Koop communicated well with the crowd and it, in return, showed its love , no holding back...

Jazzanova's set was one highly anticipated, what with the mountains of amazing music they have been releasing on their imprint, Sonar Kollektiv. Indeed the set was versatile, interesting and dancey, however one might wonder why was the DJ booth placed out of sight, on the balcony, especially when that was the headline of the night for many people. furthermore, why did no one even pick up a mic to announce that Jazzanova started playing...very bad move... that said, the music kicked a$$.

To conclude this night could have so, so, much better with a little more consideration for admin details.

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