Reaching for the sky

Upon the release of their debut, ‘Youth And Young Manhood’, KOL were pigeonholed as shit-kicking Southern indie boys and you thought you had them sussed.

Then ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’ followed, a post-fame hangover that took a couple of listens to adjust to before fully absorbing. Similarly, ‘Because Of The Times’ is another leap forward from the Followills, this time expanding their horizons and reaching for the sky. It feels bigger – songs are longer, the soundscapes are blown-up to epic proportions and the choruses are huge, but it feels good; it feels right. They build atmospherics that are at once haunting (‘Knocked Up’), brooding (‘Charmer’), menacing (‘My Party’), yearning (‘True Love Way’) and ambitious (‘Arizona’). The family glow throughout, the bonds tighter than ever, the end result dripping in confidence. ‘Because Of The Times’, for its audacious vision and sincere intensity, is easily their best album yet.

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