A supremely-crafted set
King Midas Sound - Without You

King Midas Sound were borne when Kevin Martin (brainchild of dancehall act The Bug) was searching for vocalists for ‘London Zoo’. Enter Roger Robinson; the partnership was founded. On the back of their 2009 debut, ‘Waiting For You’, emerges this sophomore. Essentially it’s a covers album of originals from the debut, cherry-picked by producer, Martin. Littered with a diversity of artists, their grave vocals and interdependent hypnotic dub rhythms produce a sense of paranoia, yet the involuntary head-bobbing proves inescapable. Juxtaposed pessimistic and optimistic lyrics prevail throughout; it’s an addictive affair - with each listen the ear finds something new. A pothead’s dream and a supremely-crafted set.



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