Rooted in the midst of his homeland

Following up the success of 2005’s ‘KC Rules O.K’, Kenny Anderson aka K.C may have travelled far and afield by now but what soon becomes apparent on opener ‘Leslie’ (“it wasn’t a particularly sunny day/ In Fife”) is that his songs are still deeply rooted in the midst of his homeland.

If ‘KC Rules..’ was often seeped in the d.i.y electronics administered by collaborators The Earlies, ‘Bombshell’ is a more direct, less quirky folk fare. Single ‘You’ve No Clue Do You’ is K.C at his upbeat, wry best: like a soul-strumming Eagles cruising the East Neuk in a beat up Cadillac, whilst ‘Church As A Witness’ recalls a dispute which occurred whilst KC was out cycling in Anstruther. It’s here KC has always triumphed, shimmering folk tales with a blissful disregard for rock n roll cliques or trends of the day-only this time it’s both bolder and at points bleaker, possibly making ‘Bombshell’ his best record so far. KC Rules?

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