One for the long drive ahead
Clash Magazine Album Review - K-X-P - //

Wracked by loss and loneliness, ‘//’ is an album heavyset in bottomless paranoid grooves, intense rhythms and a sense of searching for answers in the sky. Inspired by Timo Kaukolampi’s increasingly despondent mindset, we’re sent to delve and ceaselessly drive on into the heaving slow-build of ‘Tears’, the brash, electro grind of ‘Magnetic North’, and the crazed, falsetto-laden scuzz of ‘Easy (Infinity Waits)’. Beneath the drone, a pop heart beats to a motorik BPM, bursting with the taut, nervous energy that drives this dark, pulsing soundtrack. One for the long drive ahead as you watch the white lines get consumed by the night.





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