The new school/old school tag team

The original new school/old school tag team return with their first release in three years and they’ve brought some famous friends.

Stadium filler Dave Matthews supplies the chorus to first single ‘Work It Out’ while, less unusually, Mos Def appears on the booming ‘Where We At’, guest producers include Eminem and 50 Cent collaborator Scott Storch and Nas and Fugees producer Salaam Remi. Their sound isn’t drastically changed by these new interlopers yet still manages remains as fresh as it did on their original self produced EP way back in 1997. The credit for this lays squarely with DJ NuMark, their own in house DJ and infamous turntablist who has a knack of bringing head nodding beats to the table again and again. For a group with four emcees, J5 slip and slide perfectly around one another, never stepping on toes, and again producing not only a master class in rapping but in staying power.

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