Sounds like The Fratellis...
Jon Fratelli - Psycho Jukebox

This is a turn up for the books! This magnum opus encompasses everything from Chicago footwork, avantelectronica and sludge metal. All the greats are channelled here, from ‘Low’-era Bowie to Sun Ra’s Arkestra to King Tubby's pioneering studio exploits. It is at once minimalist and maximalist, taking the listener through a range of complex emotions and feelings they never knew they had. Lyrical references to Chekov’s Uncle Vanya and Proust’s Á La Recherche du Temps Perdu are guided by a sound akin to Magma’s zeuhl progressive chant-rock. ‘Psycho Jukebox’ encapsulates everything that is truly original about music today. Only joking - it sounds like The Fratellis.


Words by Charlie Frame

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