Moonshine instrumentalism riffing with The Clangers...
John Wizards - John Wizards

Alternative festival tent residency is assured with John Wizards’ (it’s a band, not a person, based in Cape Town) bizarre yet charming trip from South Africa to the seaside.

Moonshine instrumentalism riffing with The Clangers sponges up local and global sounds, squeezing out droplets of island paradise on ‘Lusaka By Night’ (video below) and ‘Jabu Ley’, the bluesy crowd puller ‘Muizenberg’ and disco grin ‘iYongwe’.

Never losing its head, irrespective of playful freedom (‘Lushoto’) and cardio confusions Frisbee-ing Caribbean rock ‘n’ roll (‘Hogsback’), when things simmer down it’s a natural recharge for the more rough-edged electronic shanties and warbling bass to bounce off in high spirits.

There’s a lot to like about this summer soundtrack packed to the left of your luggage.


Words: Matt Oliver

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