JID – The Forever Story

The Atlantan storyteller returns with a generational album …

Stunning penmanship, sensational beats, and the incredible ability to fuse the two together, JID has curated a sound throughout ‘The Forever Story’ that has seen the Atlanta-born hip-hop artist return a body of work that is a masterclass, and one that has already become a quintessential classic. ‘The Forever Story’ opens with a silky-smooth track in ‘Galaxy’, leading into the bass heavy beat in ‘Radar’, with the two tracks setting the tone and allowing for the narrative to develop throughout the record. 

JID’s personality shines throughout in tracks such as ‘Money Money’ and ‘Crack Sandwiches’, two songs that narrate his life growing up in a poor background having to navigate his way through life engaging in questionable events to attain a certain standard of living. Meanwhile, he also appreciates the rich culture of musical history that came before him, paying homage to the late great Aretha Franklin in ‘Houserounds’ by sampling her iconic ‘One Step Ahead’, a familiar sound from JID’s childhood as he was brought up on his parents’ collection of classic funk/soul LPs. JID’s childhood influence carries its way through much of the record in the likes of ‘Swang On’, a track with a powerful bassline, accompanied by blissful backing vocals, and ‘Bruddanem’ bearing a synth-funk beat, with stunning strings that sound as if they were sampled straight out of a 1980s soul record. 

‘The Forever Story’ really feels like one of those instant old school hip-hop classic albums akin to the likes of fellow Atlantan greats, Outkast and their timeless ‘Aquemini’, albeit with a punchy modern infusion of what the genre is now known for. With Kaytranada, James Blake, Thundercat, and many, many others all collaborating on various different songs across the album, the record showcases an astonishing account of producing talent that have all contributed to a generational album that consists of ferocious beats and fiery lyrics, accompanied by the smoothest blend of jazz/soul-inspired melodies and captivating storytelling.

JID’s latest release is a wonderful insight into the rapper’s formative years, and ultimately through the introspective manner allows for an enthralling listen. Through ‘The Forever Story’ JID has claimed his seat at the prestigious table of Atlantan greats. 


Words: Ben Broyd

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