Pristine production from the South London newcomer...
'A Moment Of Madness'

If an uplifting and empowering record is what you’re after then you should probably give Izzy Bizu’s ‘A Moment Of Madness’ a listen. The south London R&B singer presents a debut album full of soul and story telling - in fact, the album may as well be called ‘Life Lessons By Izzy’.

The album's opening cut ‘Diamond’ is very much a jazz-inspired track and Bizu’s voice could be likened to Amy Winehouse. The rather well-known ‘White Tiger’ comes in second, setting the bar quite high for the rest of the album with its catchy lyrics and punchy beats.

The rest of this debut LP doesn’t quite match the standard of ‘White Tiger’ but it does allow those feel good vibes to resonate through most of the tracks. Tracks such as ‘Gorgeous’ show off Bizu’s delicate but powerful tone and songs like ‘Adam And Eve’ demonstrate how versatile the singer is.

It is understandable why Bizu was warmly welcomed this summer during festival season, this album would be received well in the summer sun and a cider in hand. An easy listen for a Sunday afternoon, perhaps this album should do more of what it says on the tin and add that much promised moment of madness.

With 17 tracks this album could be expected to take off to somewhere fantastic but, although we stay very much on the same page throughout the duration of the record, the pristine production of ‘A Moment Of Madness’ is faultless.


Words: Georgia Ivey

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