A broad-reaching EP of futurist sheen...
Ital Tek - Control

Alan Myson’s music has long transcended the simple dubstep tag. His most-recent album as Ital Tek – last year’s excellent ‘Nebula Dance’ – straddled a huge variety of sub-genres, and this EP is similar in its broad reach.

The best moments on ‘Control’ nod to jungle, Parisian house and numerous acts from the Warp/Rephlex/Mu axis, as well as the current bass scene. It’s not a massive step forward, but that’s okay – not every release needs to reinvent an artist.

Instead, ‘Control’ works as a decent postscript to Myson’s last LP and serves as a reminder of his skills when it comes to making dance music with a heady, futurist sheen.


Words: Will Salmon

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