One of the year’s early electronic successes...
Illum Sphere - Ghosts Of Then And Now

Able to pirouette out of mud-caked hobnail boots, Illum Sphere’s Ryan Hunn arms himself with harmony from a starting position showing anything but.

Post-dubstep comes in a standard off-white glaze privy to maudlin impishness, and the Mancunian’s safe-cracking gets ‘It’ll Be Over Soon’ counterattacking with a surreptitious dancefloor death plot.

By befriending you and almost playing good cop bad cop, the vibrant grace of ‘Ra_Light’ and the global peak of ‘Near The End’ open an organic sense of nostalgia with an alert funkiness.

The two moods standing side by side are like The Prodigy’s ‘3 Kilos’ turning vibe on its head, for one of the year’s early electronic successes.


Words: Matt Oliver

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