Aimed at mind, soul and body
Idjut Boys - Cellar Door

Unpredictable as a DJ unit but reaching for snug basement comforts under the stars, ‘Cellar Door’ is quite sweet and healthful dub and indie dance, descending with vocal training aimed at mind, soul and body. The campfire comeliness (‘Going Down’) gives off a dozing glow that bolts upright, ejecting Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell out of their folk and bluegrass rocking chairs. Given that this is the Idjuts’ first real album in a twenty-year career, it’s forgivably, shall we say, traditional sounding. The Boys aren’t remembering way back when and reintroducing chill-out principles, they’re still settling in at the start line, prescribing rose-tinted glasses that could very well divide listeners.



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