I Am Legion – I Am Legion

Enough to butt heads with your buddies...

The joining of Dutch bass sledgehammerers Noisia and appealingly abrasive British hip-hop Argonauts Foreign Beggars has moved closer to a red cupped kegger of bro-step, frat house, party animalism.

Banking on the success of 2009’s enormous track ‘Contact’ and other atom splits means a protracted patent of rap and rucking risks running thin.

The Beggars’ Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis, MCs both, purge that possibility, staying as seven-figure showmen you hope never take responsibility, as ‘Foil’ appears dangerously close to doing.

Meanwhile Noisia’s teeth-drilling TKOs, flubbery aftershocks and deathly whispers vaporising lugholes, only disappoint the Richter scale when not fully engaged or needlessly cutting short.

There’s enough here to have you butting heads with your buddies.


Words: Matt Oliver

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