Second Stage, Saturday

Transporting us to a world of plaid-wearing punks spitting phlegm balls into the air and managing to catch them whilst riffing away on a guitar (see The Lips’ Cole Alexander), Black Lips are a real rock n roll band.

Their brash, spaghetti western blues-punk sees the emergence of one of the day’s biggest crowds, and when they unleash ‘O Katrina!’ and the seesawing pogo-pop of ‘Bad Kids’, its easy to see why.

Second guitarist Ian Saint Pe flashes his gold teeth at the crowd throughout, spinning his guitar around to unveil a ‘Thank You’ gaffer-taped to the back, proving their comic leanings are never far from reach. If black Black Lips deliver another album as strong as last year’s ‘Good Bad Not Evil’, these redneck punks could grow from cult favourites to full-blown phenomenon. Just don’t expect them to behave any time soon, mind.

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