An album impounded by its own musical influences...
Howler - World Of Joy

Minneapolis four-piece Howler take us on an expedition into garage rock and hardened punk with second album ‘World Of Joy’.

‘Don’t Wanna’ (video below) might be the centrepiece of the album – a generational song ripe with acerbic proclivities. When they rein in the excessive kitchen-sink approach, sentiments are given room to breathe: take ‘Here’s The Itch That Creeps Through My Skull’, a heartfelt track with guitar flourishes evoking Deerhunter circa ‘Halcyon Digest’ (review).

Howler still emulate The Strokes in tone and through wry, stadium-made lyricism recalling their debut, and too often they walk the downtrodden path of guitar music that’s come before. ‘World Of Joy’, ultimately, is impounded by its own musical influences.


Words: Shaz Hussain

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