...a comedy with credible critical acclaim.

As much a tribute to the action movie genre as a parody of it, the unification of Shaun Of The Dead trio Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Hot Fuzz made for that rare commodity upon its theatrical release; a comedy with credible critical acclaim.

Doubtless you’ll know the plot; super cop Nicholas Angel (Pegg) gets despatched to the sleepy town of Sandford where he and his colleague Danny Butterman (Frost) discover all kinds of shenanigans lurking beneath the town’s respectable veneer.

Where SOTD’s natural humour felt like a succession of personal in-jokes put on the big screen, Hot Fuzz’s script feels more deliberate. But the jokes provide more than enough roaring laughter to compensate, with Pegg and Frost’s matey chemistry shining through. Whilst there’s a wealth of carefully nuanced puns (and various Shaun references) to keep the bulk of the film suitably entertaining, it’s the supersonic closing section that provides the most thrills.

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