Solidifies all of their disparate influences

Since releasing their debut ‘Mexico’ EP in 2001, Hot Chip have been quietly building their reputation and ability which now culminates in their most recent release ‘The Warning’.

Their second album, it magnifies and solidifies all of Hot Chip’s disparate influences and sounds, is bizarre and experimental yet ripe for chart success. Recorded by the band “at home” the album is a result of a dynamic tension between Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, the band’s two songwriters/producers which gives the music such an edge while threatening to tear it all apart. Inspired as much by UK Garage and the production values of Aphex Twin as Roxy Music and classic Moroder disco, ‘The Warning’ is spastic white funk battling a failing computer system while two very different voices simultaneously tell us the same tale. A leap into the mainstream awaits this highly listenable yet profoundly experimental pop group.

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