An ’80s-inspired album lacking in pace
Hot Chip - In Our Heads

Remember the gloriously erratic chopped beat of ‘The Warning’’s opener ‘Careful’, or ‘Ready For The Floor’’s bouncy club appeal? Remember the good old days? ‘Over And Over’ was overfilled with pent-up creativity, in what became one of the Noughties’ most ubiquitous hits. Truth be told there’s more desire and purpose within those five minutes than on the whole of this fifth record.

If ‘One Life Stand’ saw Hot Chip mellow-out, reaching for the pipe and slippers, then this one sees them packed off to the nursing home. The kids they helped nurture are already growing up and moving on with their lives. If you do pay the band a visit via ‘In Our Heads’ you’ll hear an ’80s-inspired album lacking in pace.

‘Look At Where We Are’ is a stripped-back R&B tinged effort with an acoustic guitar at the core. It’s a soporific love song fuelled by nostalgia. ‘Now There Is Nothing’ sees Alexis Taylor’s dream-pop vocals retelling ‘when you were young’ in a cheesy lullaby. ‘Ends Of The Earth’ is a drawn-out house track perfect for a retirement home because it’d send any residents to sleep.

Like an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, there are moments in which Hot Chip remember who they once were. ‘Motion Sickness’ is an emphatic opener. Pulsating brass samples and coruscating synths blend perfectly. ‘Night And Day’ is an energetic disco satire ripe for the clubs. ‘Flutes’ is a lengthy progressive-house epic, but these are glimmers of liveliness on an otherwise decedent record.



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