A charming and totally enjoyable listen...
'I Don't Run'

When Hinds released ‘Leave Me Alone’ into the world, a record that made us all want to abandon all responsibilities and become the fifth member of the band, you couldn’t help but fall for Madrid’s latest export.

With ‘I Don’t Run’, Hinds continue their trend of lo-fi garage pop. Opener ‘The Club’ being the perfect example, with Hinds’ catchy camaraderie inspiring the likes of ‘New For You’ and ‘Echoing My Name’.

The chewy bass of ‘Soberland’ adds groove, whilst the baggy ‘Finally Floating’ almost has a Stone Roses vibe to it. Both ‘Linda’ and ‘I Feel Cold But I Feel More’ act as the record’s breezy ballads, with the acoustic closer ‘Ma Nuit’ developing a hypnotic Warpaint aesthetic.

‘I Don’t Run’ advances Hinds’ endearing charm and esprit de corps, which in turn makes this another totally enjoyable listen. And yes, we still wish Hinds were our best mates.


Words: Liam Egan

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