Hercules & Love Affair – The Feast Of The Broken Heart

A fine set, waiting to control the summer...

Heartbreaks and 808s near a perfect balance between chart-ready house and the flouncy electro-pop/ Italo disco image Hercules & Love Affair have nurtured.

Whereas the lyrics aren’t outright sing-along or longing for Ibiza, with project lynchpin Andy Butler playing tinkerman with male/female divas (not a bad thing: the John Grant-starring ‘I Try To Talk To You’, video below, has a Jamie Principle veil of sleaze to it), there’s a fine set of dubs below, waiting to control the summer.

From deep and bassy for today – ‘That’s Not Me’ sporting a vintage handbag – to Chicago-born and the thinly cheesed, it’s as if the vogueing NYC collective have concisely brought themselves up to speed. Think ‘Step Up’ from ‘Blue Songs’, developed full-length.


Words: Matt Oliver

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Bonus cover chatter: Andy Butler on the artwork adorning his latest LP…

This party seems to have been raging on for a while. No one is talking to each other.
Yes, they seem to be quite involved in their own activities. 

Is this before humans have mastered the art of party chitchat?
Perhaps, though they have mastered the art of the ‘selfie’ – they also seem to be comfortable with telephones and radios. 

And there are a lot of half-finished and abandoned drinks.
That’s true! I didn’t think about that. They all seem quite satiated at the moment, if not inebriated. Although the ginger on the phone looks like he needs a drink. 

Also, no one is near the stereo, which is a solid sign it is late on. No deck hoggers? 
The girl with the banana in her bum is playing a mix that she made last night, and she has already screamed at a couple people for trying to turn it off. 

I don’t mean to slag off your bacchanal, but it’s a bit dude heavy isn’t it?
Marianne Vlaschits
– the painter of this and the other artworks from the ‘Feast’ series – has a tendency to paint a little bit more hair on people, so it might appear that way but actually they are a bit genderless. For some people body hair can be a turn off. However, I personally am a fan. I’m a bit more of an animal than most. I like pheromones and stuff.

Despite honing the ability to make kitsch spotted chairs, it seems the call for dentistry hasn’t been heard yet either.
No, and the teeth on these characters are one of my favourite attributes. 

Who’s on the telephone, just out of shot?
It is probably a reference to my singlet, referring to my days as a wrestler: hairy crotch, bad attitude. 

What did you say to Marianne, when you commissioned this artwork?
I had been obsessed with subversive cartoons like Squidbillies and decided I wanted something of that ilk. A friend in Vienna knew a painter named Marianne. I saw her work and thought, ‘Yes! She is the one.’ I didn’t know what I was getting into. I just know she is brilliant and doesn’t give a f*ck. So when my jaw dropped, she was pleased. 

And what did your mum say? 
“It’s so… errr… (speaks slowly) different from your other artwork. Do you think it will alienate people?” It is quite brutal. 

Finally, why is everyone so broken-hearted?
In the painting? Well, we are humans at the mercy of our desires and egos, yet driven to connect. There’s bound to be problems. Description: Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

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