Blending ‘80s synthwave with today's futuristic, candy-sweet pop...

Hannah Diamond started releasing tracks a long six years ago, and finally her debut album is here.

While the first track, 'Reflections', is a bit of a flat start, it’s by no means representative of the rest of the project, which picks up immediately with ‘Invisible’, a glimmering, hyperreality track with a stunning hook that reminds us what this futuristic artist is really capable of.

In this Charli-XCX-meets-Sarah-Bonito album, Diamond explores collapsed relationships, but within that themes of self-reflection, particularly remembering who she was in those relationships and the parts of herself that were lost. 

And the album’s production is as indecisive as it is purposeful - a signature of the experimental PC Music collective and label, of which Diamond was an ealry figurehead - as cold and digitised as it is warm and friendly, blending the then-modern synthwave of the ‘80s with the futuristic, candy-sweet pop of recent years.

Love Goes On’ is an outstanding track, the depth of its rich, almost robotic sonic landscape standing in sharp contrast to what are, at their core, very human, vulnerable lyrics. Songs on ‘Reflection’ transcend the boundaries of radio-ready pop music, are a reflection (no pun intended) of the larger shift of pop music to something entirely digital in every sense, a shift that seems to mirror that of the music industry in the past decade. 


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Words: Valerie Magan

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