Brazilian dancefloor taskmaster
Gui Boratto - III

Want to be whisked away on a euphoric high? You’ll have to earn it. Sweaty smile to be plastered across your face? Then put the work in. The routinely pitiless Boratto doesn’t believe in the easy pickings of whooshing synths and getting to set pieces quickly, lurking so gritty tech house and trance tunnel under your skin at the insertion of a dancefloor taskmaster. ‘Galuchat’ puts extra dents into Boratto’s furrowed glare with a lowered tempo and 8-bit circuitry that bites, ‘Soledad’ mutters to itself, ‘Striker’ gets smudging the eyeliner. With the Balearic ‘The Third’, as is the Brazilian’s other habit, he stops the album from becoming a case for the dancefloor Samaritans.



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