Meredith Godreau's second album
Gregory And The Hawk - Leche

Fans of 2008’s ‘Moenie And Kitchi’ debut will undoubtedly love Meredith Godreau’s follow-up effort. Replete with a number of collaborators (including Mice Parade’s Adam Pierce), she again casts her solemn musings to an acoustic strum.

The consistency of Godreau’s songwriting is stellar, even if she’s treading familiar sonic space. ‘Puller Return’ bolts new verses to the chorus of Cutting Crew’s heinous power ballad ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms’ and amazingly, it works. When Godreau pushes herself into darker places - the stunning ‘Frebreight’ is a deathly claustrophobic hymn - a glimpse of untold majesty prevails. More of that, purlease.


Words by John Freeman


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