A Delicate Beauty

Made on an iPad during the band’s autumn tour of America, this hastily constructed, bleepy sketchbook of a record is a delight. Unsurprisingly, it’s a largely electronic affair, but even the abstract instrumental pieces like ‘Aspen Forest’ are beautiful, lulling tunes.

By the time it reaches the end of its fifteen tracks you’ll have forgotten that it was made in such a basic fashion and, whisper it now, you might actually prefer it to ‘Plastic Beach’. ‘The Fall’ is, entirely in keeping with a record recorded a long way from home, a rather more introspective affair. ‘Revolving Doors’ is blessed with a trademark floaty and aching Damon vocal, then there’s ‘Hillbilly Man’, all looped low-key guitar refrains to begin with before the squelchy sound used to such great effect on ‘Doncamatic‘ makes a rather more laid-back appearance.

‘Detroit‘ is a buoyant instrumental piece to cheer the soul while ‘The Parish Of Space Dust’ is an oddly moving audio collage, sampling American radio in place of verses ahead of a double tracked, swooning Albarn chorus. In short, it’s a delicate beauty.




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