The band’s talent for transforming the ordinary into the epic remains...
Glasvegas - Later... When The TV Turns To Static

Brooding noise-pop pioneers Glasvegas have never shied away from soaring choruses and earnest lyrics.

Following the striking, yet overblown experimentalism of 2011’s second album ‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\’, lead singer James Allan has perfected their mix of shoegaze and Spector-influenced flourishes.

The scuzzy title-track to third long-play set ‘Later... When The TV Turns To Static’ sounds like My Bloody Valentine if they were intent on creating a lighters-in-the-air ballad.

In the gorgeous ‘Choices’, lyrics like “I don’t want to die / But I don’t want to live this way” are intensified by Allan’s intimate Glaswegian brogue.

Despite some angsty missteps, the reverb-soaked ‘Neon Bedroom’ confirms that the band’s talent for transforming the ordinary into the epic remains. 


Words: James Evans

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