An earnest return from Sam Duckworth...
'Young Adult'

In 2014 Sam Duckworth brought his Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. alter-ego to an end so he could focus on other projects. After four years of sticking to his word, he's revived the project with a more mature and thoughtful album ‘Young Adult’.

Duckworth has always been a great lyricist and this is show again on ‘Try’ and ‘Adults’. ‘Try’ features mellow synths, swaying basslines and jaunty up-beat melodies that belie a sombre mood. “I try to be optimistic, at least once a day” and “Underachieving is that British feeling” being the pick of the bunch.

‘Adults’ is more direct with its approach. An earnest guitar and drum beat back Duckworth as he croons “I'm still reading yesterday's news, Looking to the past to support my views” telling us all we need to know about this song, the albums themes and his current mind-set.

‘Young Adult’ is Duckworth’s most personal and political album to date. lyrics like, “I read things every day, ‘bout what made us this way, I know the words are loaded right, Not sure I can decode it right” or “You can live your whole life, Believing alibis about how you've been let down” show society in flux, but instead of pointing a finger and deriding parts of it he tries to understand their reasoning and show things aren’t away black and white.

Whether Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. will continue is down to Duckworth, but ‘Young Adult’ feels like he's about to take off again.


Words: Nick Roseblade

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