Gabrielle Aplin – Phosphorescent

A potent return that offers blissful escapism...

2012 was the first time this writer discovered Gabrielle Aplin. It was a cover of a track on YouTube and that might not sound like much to the masses, but to an indie kid at the time, this was everything.

Many years later the talented artist has released a new album, and it’s something to behold. “Take it easy on me…” is a lyric that has been running around this writer’s head as that truly is the theme of this eleven-track production. Many readers have spent the last couple of years reflecting on their lives and what could have been done better, which is why this album is great for those thinkers.

‘Phosphorescent’ is how Gabrielle Aplin wrote about that time. Whether it’s contemplating if they should have gone out with that friend for a meal or wondering what raving in Ibiza would be like, there’s something for everyone that helps any listener discover reconnection unlike any other.

‘Skylight’, ‘I Wish I Didn’t Press Send’, and ‘Take It Easy’ are immediate stand outs with its honest lyricism and beautifully put-together production. They might be ingredients to the emotional cocktail that is this album, but that isn’t all. ‘Never Be The Same’ brings some light-hearted fun to the album that can be used for those good times that are absolutely needed given the current climate.

While this album goes into the retrospective ideology of what could have been, it also dives deeper into appreciating friendship and the small things in life. That is where the track ‘Anyway’ is featured as an outstanding banger.

From coffee dates with friends to listening to amazing music, these small things make our lives much better, which is where this production comes in. ‘Phosphorescent’ allows listeners to sit back, relax, and run away from life for just a moment.


Words: Josh Abraham

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