With Crazy P & Thomas Bullock

Bristol based promoter/agency/collective has made it to London for a night of disco rumbling, and you know that when it come to those big punchy bassline there is really nowhere like the Cargo.

First in a double heavyweight line up were Crazy P, another moniker to multi-toned, Nottingham based Crazy Penis. Their line up was a mix of p.a. and DJ with the highlight of the show was an amazing acid disco meltdown with Danielle Moore working out the mic, jumping on the decks and keeping the vibe up. The Penis seemed to have evolved their sound (again) and with new releases on 20/20 and high profile compilations appearances, things are going the right way for them.

The 2nd part of the headline was Thomas Bullock of the notorious NYC DJ duo rub n' tug, aka ‘Map of Africa’(great band, take note). Thomas was invited for a DJ set and with such a reputation, I was really looking forward to hearing him play.

He started off amazing with some rare Caribbean disco and funk , some proper original dance floor stuff, the kind of obscurity he is known for but half an hour into his set he was determined to get the floor full and went too strong, too hard..

All in all, a very good night, but perhaps a smaller venue with a similar sound system could prove a smarter pick for the more obscure headliners.

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