a particularly English manner

Not all bands are slaves to the Rock'n'Roll mythos. Where some might boast of meeting in rehab or over an obsession of some long forgottten band, Furlined's core duo of Neil Crossley and Tegan Thomas formed after meeting at an ante-natal group.

So, with those beginnings what can we expect from Furlined? Well, there is a womb like intimacy to their sound centred around Crossley acoustic strumming and Thomas' darkly atmospheric cello.

Crossley himself sounds a like like a more centred version of The Tindersticks' Stuart Staples, not quite as morose or mournful (thankfully), but with a keen observational eye, a focused wit and a particularly English manner.

Their debut long player is bolstered by additional bass and drums while maintaining the stately carriage of proceedings, the focus is kept on Crossley's engaging and darkly humorous lyrics and the delightful cello sparring.

So, cast all thoughts of Furlined's baby related origins from you mind and enjoy this charming and individual debut of rare depth.

'Love Comes In Canisters' is out now on Concave Records.

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