Fujiya & Miyagi – Artificial Sweeteners

Brighton trio serves up a spread of colourful flavours on album five...

Brighton-based trio Fujiya & Miyagi has long existed as a lower-calorie take on Hot Chip and Junior Boys, albeit with a secret ingredient to prevent things going flat.

Okay, it’s not that secret: they basically lift a few licks from Krautrockers past. Now, if you’re thinking, ‘Hey, doesn’t sound too bad’: congratulations, you’re correct. This fifth studio LP certainly has plenty of highs to keep the good times coming on strong.

Opener ‘Flaws’ is a ringer for an Alexis Taylor-fronted romp, but ‘Artificial Sweeteners’ is soon serving refreshingly singular flavours. The title track is as tasty as aspartame, and possesses as much potential for menace – but what is this Rocket From The Crypt bassline doing in ‘Daggers’?

Hmm, we’re submitting this one for further clinical studies.


Words: Mike Diver

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