A gloriously savage return…
Fucked Up - Glass Boys

Epic in size and scale, Fucked Up’s 2011 opus ‘David Comes To Life’ is a hard act to follow.

In the end, the Canadian punk warlords have eschewed their previous conceptual approach in favour of something more introspective for their fourth studio album.

Essentially dealing with the experience of being in a band, ‘Glass Boys’ finds Fucked Up revelling in being Fucked Up. ‘Echo Boomer’ opens with a misleading glockenspiel before collapsing into riotous fury, while ‘Touch Stone’ is old-fashioned hardcore in the best possible sense.

Refining rather than challenging their boundaries, Fucked Up reconnect with the sounds that first set their pulses racing. ‘Glass Boys’ is a gloriously savage return.


Words: Robin Murray

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