This is an essential watch for Zappa fans

I’ve always had an unexplainable fascination for Frank Zappa ever since seeing his iconic ‘Weasels Ripped My Flesh’ cover as a child.

His involvement in the career of Wild Man Fischer as chronicled in the excellent Derailroaded documentary accelerated that interest.

‘Apostrophe (‘)’ and ‘Over-Nite Sensation’ are respectively (and arguably) Zappa’s most commercially successful and accessible work. Eagle’s Classic Album series has always been the most definitive of album documentary studies (see the studies on The Sex Pistols and Nirvana for further evidence) and once again they don’t disappoint. Both albums are deconstructed with the assistance of Zappa’s family alongside personalities as large as Alice Cooper, Billy Bob Thornton and widdly guitar maestro Steve Vai.

This is an essential watch for Zappa fans and the inclusion of a performance of ‘Camarillo Brillo’ by Zappa plays Zappa (featuring his sons Dweezil and Ahmet) is a particularly nice touch.

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