Carter combines punk sneer with rock flamboyance, creating something iconic…

Given that Frank Carter’s personality was always bigger than whichever scene it happened to find itself trapped in, his current role as a larger-than-life solo artist suits him well. 

The ex-Gallows/Pure Love front man’s third album with The Rattlesnakes finds him flushed with self-confidence you could blunt a knife on. His ever-charismatic (and now actually bloody good) voice stampedes all over this record like a hippo in heat, leaving some pretty standard ‘AM’-indebted rock songs trampled in its wake.

‘End of Suffering’ is the musical equivalent of dropping Tim Curry in a school play. He just chews up the scenery, reducing everything else to background noise. His lyrics are blunt yet honest, taking personal demons and harnessing them to stadium-ready anthems like ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Angel Wings’, all the while avoiding self-parody.

Carter has become, to all intents and purposes (and against all expectations), a 21st Century Billy Idol, combining punk sneer with classic rock flamboyance – transformed into something iconic.


Words: Josh Gray

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