Galvanised by the sunrise glisten of Ibiza
Four Tet - There Is Love In You

Kieran Hebden gets around. Most recently he’s been touring the world improvising bleeps and blags alongside legendary jazz drummer Steve Reid before DJIng the fuck out of loads of clubs.

His latest album therefore is steeped in ludicrously futuristic rhythms all galvanised by the sunrise glisten of bliss usually found on Ibiza’s more dazzled protagonists. It’s perhaps his most accessible yet forward-thinking album, whose drums alone will be seized by sample freaks the world over. They are intensely esoteric and captivating with it.

If you love the ambiguous crossover between half-step London sounds and crushed and warped 4/4 peddled by the likes of Martyn, Burial or Joy Orbison, then the love in you will find this album.


Words by Matthew Bennett


You can read an interview with Four Tet from the current issue of Clash Magazine HERE and hear a stream of 'There Is Love In You' HERE.

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