A polished, well-packaged and risk-averse affair...
Flight Facilities - Down To Earth

Much like a premium airway offering on a long-haul trip, the Flight Facilities experience is a polished, well-packaged and risk-averse affair.

There’s merit to this. The production sheen across the Australian duo’s shimmering electronic debut is something to behold and explains why so many producers tip their head in approval. We know our destination long before we climb aboard: predictable funky house drops, mellow euphoric Ibiza sunrise, but it really does sound beautiful. Smooth, blissful synthesisers with not a single hard edge on the horizon.

The same can be said for the in-flight entertainment. A roll call of popular titles destined to lure us into one neat emotional outburst. As ever though, our favourite stars are reduced to bland versions of their solo selves surmised by a throwaway synopsis. ‘Sunshine’ with Reggie Watts (video below) – the feel good hit of the summer! ‘Why Do You Feel’ with Bishop Nehru – a young rapper risks everything to hit the big time. ‘Crave You (Reprise)’ with Kylie Minogue – one woman, one chorus. Kylie: stripped. Like you’ve never seen her before.

Stay awake, slam the free gin and tonics and you might just manage to convince yourself you’re having a good time.


Words: Kim Hillyard

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