Drips with sonic gloss
Album review - Fionn Regan - 100 Acres Of Sycamore

Album number three from Ireland’s premium folk export follows hot on the heels of 2010’s ‘The Shadow Of An Empire’. Despite the rapid turnaround, there are marked differences here. Where those early albums were characterised by sparse production values, ‘100 Acres...’ drips with sonic gloss. Strings tremble cinematically in the background, and even spartan ballads like ‘Dogwood Blossom’ have an epic thrust. Pleasingly, that hasn’t come at the cost of intimacy. He's close up! But you have to question the lyrics on ‘The Horses Are Asleep’ though. “I’m a man/with a child’s heart” can only ever sound utterly sinister. Where do you keep it, Fionn? In a box or on a shelf?



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